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More People are Taking Out Protection

CONCERNS about rising unemployment and an uncertain economic climate have seen more people taking steps to protect their homes, according to the Carver Groups financial expert.

  • 11 December 2014
  • Author: James
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With figures showing that unemployment has hit a 15- year-high at eight per cent of the population, more people are flocking to buy mortgage repayment protection, according to Carver Financial Services.

And with recent high profile job losses, including the 1,000 at Garland call centres and 1,700 at Redcar’s Teesside Cast Products, in the North-East, Carver Financial has seen a significant increase in demand for the service.

Kevin Jefferson, independent financial advisor at the Carver Group, said: “The recession and general state of the economy has made people nervous in every aspect of their life.

Even people who may have considered themselves as having jobs for life are taking the option to protect their mortgage.

“The property industry has, in particular, felt the brunt of a weak economy and, even though interest rates are still low, making mortgage payments easier for some, firsttime buyers are continuing to struggle to get on the ladder.

“Unemployment levels remain high and this – combined with other sensitive factors – mean more people are protecting themselves.”

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