Selling Tips

Valuing your property

Always seek financial advice for your onward purchase. Speak to one of our independent valuers for free to determine how much you can sell for, how much you can purchase your next property for and any related costs inc solicitors fees.

Kerb Appeal

  • First impressions can make all the difference
  • Your front garden should be tidy and lawns cut
  • Hanging baskets and pot plants add colour
  • Any external paint work should be touched up
  • Rubbish bins to be kept out of sight


  • Correct lighting can help your property feel welcoming and bright
  • Turn on lights, lamps and fires
  • Open curtains and blinds

DIY Jobs

  • Complete those jobs you’ve been putting off however big or small
  • Something as minor as a cupboard door hanging off can put a buyer off



  • Freshen up any tired paintwork
  • Strong personal colours may benefit from being neutralised to help potential buyers visualise their own space


  • Remove clutter from surfaces (the odd photo is fine)
  • Ensure beds are fully made and sheets and cushions are aligned
  • Remove bathmats and excessive toiletries from bathrooms
  • Ensure property is clean and tidy

Focal Points

  • Fresh flowers or fruit bowls can act as a good focal point on a table or window sill


  • Pets and pet beds/bowls should be out of sight
  • Eradicate any pet smells – open windows and use air fresheners


  • Allow space on the drive for viewers to arrive and park
  • Be prepared to move your car for the main external photograph

Click here to download examples of these tips in practice

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